Monday, April 11, 2011

Little Sisters

# 53 You are your little sister's hero...

I am certain that they can be annoying. I actually have no first hand knowledge of this fact, because I have always been the baby. I have always been the little sister. But I can say with certainty that you are most definitely your little sister's hero. She looks up to you. I know this because I have an older brother and sister who I have always looked up to. I also have two nieces, one of which wants to do everything her older sister does. She wants to dress like her and act like her and be as strong as her. She wants to be a part of every single aspect of her older sister's life. My oldest niece, Abbey is very good about this. She looks out for her little sister, Sophie. She tries her best to include her and make sure that when they are with "Abbey's friends" that Sophie is included and treated with as much respect as she is. In a perfect world this will last forever... however what is more likely to happen as they get older is that Abbey will go through a phase as all older sisters do where she finds this homage being paid to her annoying, frustrating and down right inconvenient.
The older sister or brother gets to all the fun things in life first. They get to drive, wear makeup, date, get in a good fight with their parents, go to concerts, the mall with friends, college, and many other of life's wonderful adventures.
Your little sister thinks that you hung the moon. To her you can conquer the world. You hold the key to life's questions; to success and happiness. Everything you do is cool in the eyes of  your little sister. She spends her days trying to be you. Chances are she will will rebel harder than you and she will get in more trouble than you. She may even give your number to some random who might call you at 3 am looking for her. However, she will need you to bail her out... sometimes literally. She will depend on you to drive her by her crushes house just to see if he's home. You will be the first to know when her heart is broken and you will have to dry tears, provide comfort. You will be the one driving to leave her now ex boyfriend's clothes on his porch in bag. You will be the one lighting the match in the coffee can when she decides to burn his pictures and all memories of him. You will be the one who made a secret stash of all of her memories of him so that when she is older and wants to show her kids or her nieces and nephews her boyfriend, she will have one to show them.
Being an older sibling is big responsibility. Please don't treat it lightly. You may not always think its the coolest to have your little sister hanging around, but in adulthood or even the teenage years, she will defend you to the death if necessary. You will definitely go through periods in life where you would rather sell her at a yard sale than spend another awful second with her, but as an adult, you will depend on just as much if not more than she ever needed you.
It is the two of you who will be able to discuss when your mom starts acting crazy. If and when your mom turns into your grandma, it will be the two of you who are rolling your eyes and whispering every time she leaves the room.
Please keep this in mind the next time your little sister starts to annoy you. Play with her, let her wear your clothes and your makeup. Hang out with her sometimes. Make a special effort to make her feel special, even though she interrupts all of your "me" time. One day she's gonna be pretty cool. One day she is going to be holding your train when you marry your prince charming.

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