Monday, April 11, 2011

Four eyes are in

#54 Glasses are not the end of the world... I promise

Some people are just destined to wear glasses. Most of those people are direct descendants of my blood line. We all need them. We all either wear glasses or contacts. We all have since these things were invented. A few days ago in Kindergarten, my precious, shy and self conscious oldest niece failed her eye exam at school. To a six year old who is already very tall and the older sister to kid who is always doing something cute, this is devastating news. This could potentially make her stand out, when all she really wants to do is fit in.
Let me be the first to tell you that this is NOT the end of the world. Glasses not only make you look smarter, but they open up a world of accessory to you. There are many women in the world who "wear glasses" when in reality their eyesight is perfectly fine. Tina Fey is the first one to come to mind. She admits that her glasses are fake, but that she likes the way they look on her.
My mom and my sister (her mom) took her to the eye doctor and afterwards she got to pick out her first pair of frames. I am certain that a parent on a tight budget would have been thrilled if she had leaned toward the frames in the $10 -$20 range. They would have probably also been thrilled with anything in the $30- $50 range. However, the only pair of frames in the entire store that my niece felt comfortable in were not in either of those ranges, but what are you going to do? The one of frames in the entire store that will make this experience more enjoyable for her? A parent is going to take out a loan if they have to, just to ensure that this transformation is as painless as possible.
As an aunt I would like kudos to my niece for having style and refusing to leave until she had it her way.
Not only do the trees now have individual leaves, but suddenly she is now the cool girl with the glasses. She is the one that the other kids will ask, "Can I wear your glasses?" "May I try them on?"
Now when some of her friends start to need glasses later on, she will be the one that they consult with and she will be the one telling them "They aren't so bad, and everything will be so much clearer."
Don't freak out if you need glasses. Embrace this opportunity to stand out in a good way.

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