Thursday, January 13, 2011

Birds need love too...

As a grown up I realize that through the course of life I have learned many valuable lessons. some of them were taught to me by my mom and dad. Some of them I learned in school and through experience. Many of them I learned from my aunts. Now, I am an aunt and my oldest niece recently finished her first semester of kindergarten. I know that they say everything you need to know you learn in kindergarten. I disagree. I believe that there are some things that one cannot learn in a classroom. These are lessons that can only be learned by living. So here it is, a year's worth of tiny words of wisdom for all the nieces and nephews out there, or really for anyone who will listen. You may not agree with all of them and they may not work for everybody, but each is a rule that I either try to live by or wish I did.

# 53 Feed birds in the winter...

I know that you might think this is silly. Especially those of you living in big cities like me. Birds tend to be a nuisance. They hover as you eat your hot dog from a vendor or at picnics in the park. They fly overhead and you are always afraid they will drop something on you. Sometimes they are even downright creepy the way they stare at you with those glass eyes and long pointed beaks. However, birds are a necessary part of our ecosystem. After the final snow of winter has melted, the birds will begin eating mosquitoes and spiders and fly-baggies. To be honest I am not exactly sure what kind of bug a "fly-baggie" is, but that is what we called them growing up.
Every fall my mom and I would go out and collect a basket full of pine cones. Some of these we would cover with glue and glitter and turn into homemade tree ornaments. The rest we would put aside and wait for the first snow to fall. When the first snow fell we would get the reserve of pine cones out from their spot. We would spread peanut butter on them and roll them in birdseed. Then we would tie string to the top and daddy would get his ladder out and we would find the perfect spots for our homemade bird feeders. Mama also saved all of the bread "butts" during the winter and every time it snowed we would sprinkle them in the backyard.
It might seem simple or maybe even silly, but these are some of my favorite winter memories.

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