Monday, December 20, 2010

When shopping...

As a grown up I realize that through the years I have learned many valuable lessons. Some of them were taught to me by my mom and dad. Some I learned in school and through experience. many of them I learned from my aunts. Now, I am an aunt and my oldest niece recently started kindergarten. I know that they say everything you need to know you learn in kindergarten. I disagree. I believe that there are some things that one cannot learn in a classroom. These are lessons that can only be learned by living. So, here it is. A year's worth of tiny words of wisdom for all the nieces and nephews out there, or really for anyone who will listen. You may not agree with all of them and they may not work for everybody, but each is a rule that I either try to live by or wish I did.

# 51 Leave your purse at home

This may sound a bit silly, but hear me out. When you first begin working you may have a part time job and only really make enough to have a little fun here and there. Even as you get older you will have bills, though hopefully no credit card bills, and rent and need to spend money on things you need. Money may always be a bit tight. So, you are off to the store with your mom, grandma, or aunt. You accidentally leave your purse at home. Oops. You end up at the store where you see the perfect shirt.
"I'm just going to try it on... just to see what it looks like," you say.

You come out in it and your mom, grandma, or aunt says "oh it is perfect on you. You should get it."
"I can't," you reply, "I left my purse at home."
"Well, we can't leave it here. Give it to me. I'll get it."
"Thank you," you say as you try not to smile, "but really, I can just come back for it."
"Don't be silly," she says, "I'll get it. Its just a shirt. It'll be our little secret."
BAM. Done and done. It works almost every time. However, Now I am an aunt so don't think this trick is going to work on me. This is a time honored secret of nieces, daughters and granddaughters, so really it works for every woman in the world.
Good luck. There is definitely an art to being able to gracefully leave your purse at home and still manage to come back with new things. Pick your strategy and go for it. I wish you the best.
I have gotten some of my favorite things this way. When I was a kid I got a McDonald's play set with my grandma. When I got a little older I got a cute plaid skirt and sweater with my aunt. Most recently I got a black and white party dress with my mom.

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